All ages in Oslo

We're gonna play with three superb metal acts at Sub Scene in Oslo next friday. Check out this event at facebook for more info.
Tickets are available at tigernet.no.


Video clip from India

Check out this very interesting video clip when we perform "Repeat Until Sane" at Cuba Libre in Hyderabad, India. Where we got a little visit up on stage.

Indian janitor mops stage while norwegian metal band performs!!


By:Larm 2012

We've been booked to this years By:Larm in Oslo. We're gonna play two gigs during the festival.

Thursday 16th of febuary at Rockefeller Anneks, 22.00!
Friday 17th of febuary at the Nokia tent, 01.30!

And be sure to spread the word with this facebook event!
For more info about tickets and stuff go to www.bylarm.no


Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all of us in the Torch camp! See you in 2012!


Back from India

Thanks a bunch to Jens-Petter, Vibhu, Amit and everyone at Rock Street Journal, our brothers in Undying Inc. and all the other bands we've played with on this tour. Hope to see you all in 2012!!


India updates

Go to our facebook page for updates, stories and videos from our India tour!


New Dehli

We arrived in New Dehli yesterday, and damn it's so good to be here! Though it's a little culture shock for us, we're adjusted nicely. We've spent these two days just sightseeing, and hanged out with a film crew who's gonna shoot some of our shows here in India. Go to the shows section to see if we're playing in your town. Because tomorrow it all breaks loose... so get ready India, for the madness that is Torch!! \m/


India Tour

First off, thanks to all of you who showed up at our gigs with Undying Inc. in Rros and at Blst!! In a couple of days we're headed down to India to play six shows at the Pub Rock Fest in India, and believe us, we're looking forward to it!!


Win tickets to the John Dee show in Oslo

Visit Playboard.no, write why you deserve a free ticket to the Torch gig this upcoming friday. Three of you will be picked out, and you will be able to bring a friend.

Visit Eternal-Terror.com and get a chance to win a free ticket to the show! All you have to do is to answer one simple question.

Visit this facebook event and write on the wall what you love about Torch, and get the chance to win 2 tickets to the John Dee show!

Serenity Trace will be playing support. Check them out here!



Check out the GREAT review we got in Scream Magazine HERE!



Get a copy of todays VG, where it's a nice and personal interview with Marius.



We're very happy to announce that "Pt.IV: a New Beginning" is No.10 on the charts here in Norway! Check out the charts HERE!

Thanks to everyone who have purchased the album! Continue to spread the word about Torch, so we can climb even higher on the list the next few weeks. The Norwegian charts NEEDS metal!

So go and get your copy at your local record dealer, or order it HERE!

And also, congrats to our friends in the Hate Colony, who are right behind us on no.11! It's a great day for metal in Norway!



Go to the store and order our new merch!


GREAT Reviews

We're overwhelmed of the reviews we've gotten in the
Norwegian press so far. Check them out for yourselves!
(ps:in Norwegian only)

VG (5/6)
Side2.no (5/6)
Adressa (5/6)
Bergens Tidene (5/6)
Oppland Arbeiderblad (5/6)
Hamar Arbeiderblad (5/6)
Moss Avis (5/6)
And be sure sure to pick ut a copy of the latest Scream Magazine for their review!



Thanks to everyone who showed up at both Soundgarden
in Elverum and Blst in Trondheim this weekend!
Here's a review of the Blst gig on eternal-terror.no!

Also, our good friend of Grown Into Nothing, Peter,
filmed two of the songs with his cellphone.
Check out the youtube-links below
(The sound ain't perfect, but what is..?)

Phase Reverse@Blst
Repeat Until Sane@Blst

If you were at a show and have a movieclip or photos,
don't hesitate to upload them and post them on our
official facebookpage.



"Pt.IV: a New Beginning" is released TODAY!!Make sure
to pick up the album. You can buy and download the album
at iTunes here!



...Jorddunst Festivalen next thursday will be the only
festival we'll perform at this summer. Go to their website
and check out prices and which other bands that are playing.


New single!

Check out the new video, "Wake Me When It's Over", from our
upcoming album!! You can also buy the single on iTunes.

("Wake Me When It's Over" on iTunes!)



Check out the review for our gig at Verkstedhallen HERE!


Shows added

We'll be playing a charitygig for UFFA at Verkstedhallen
May 7th. Check out the Facebook event here for more info.
It has also been announced that we're gonna play this years Jorddunst Festival in July.
Check out www.jorddunst.no for more info.


Trondheim MetalFest

Just a reminder, we will be playing this years MetalFest in
Verkstedhallen! Friday march 18th is the day, and we'll share
stage with Purified In Blood, the Haunted, Tripod, Goat the Head,
Manifest, the Hate Colony and more during the two day festival.
Go to www.trondheimmetalfest.com for more info.


Attention followers of Torch!!!

Due to unforseen circumstances, the release of our new album,
"Pt.IV: A New Beginning", has been postponed. And the shows linked
to the release of the album have been cancelled.
A new release date will be announced as soon as we have a complete
overview of the situation. Stay tuned!



We shot the video for "Wake Me When It's Over" from our upcoming album
yesterday. Filmed and directed by our friends at Ignore Entertainement.
We will upload some pictures from the shoot on our facebookpage soon.
Speaking of, press "like" on the facebooklink. Torch@facebook



The mastering is completed, the artwork is done! And we're truly satisfied
with everything! A big thank you to Steve Evetts for an AWESOME mix of
the album, and a big shout out to Alan Douches for a GREEEAAT mastering!!
The albumtitle has also been chosen, "Pt. IV: a New Beginning"! (cover below)

We've also added a few new gigs in the shows-section. More will be added.



The mastering by Alan Douches is completed. We've only heard two songs,
but we're expecting the complete master pretty soon. Can't wait!!!:)



It's friday...so here you have the promovideo for Hathem from our
christmas calendar! The footage is from Verkstedhallen in Trondheim,
and filmed and edited by Ignore Entertainment.

Torch - Hathem from Ignore Entertainment on Vimeo.


Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone who followed our christmasshow! It was alot of hard
work, but we had a blast making it. A big thanks to JP!! We couldn't
have done it without you!! If you haven't watched any or missing some
of the episodes you can still watch them HERE!


While we're waiting...

...for the album to be mixed and mastered, we're making a christmas-calendar! And you can all see it HERE!
It will be 24 episodes (obviously), where you'll be presented with unseen
footage and a few teasers from our upcoming album.
Have a look at the promo!


Recording completed

The album is done people!! And has been sent to the States for mixing by the
awesome Steve Evetts (the Dillinger Escape Plan, Everytime I Die...)
Hope you guys are looking forward to hear it as much as we are!

Check out some videos from the recordingsessions here:
We'll upload more vids in about a week or so...


Studio update

The drumtracks are done people!:) It was five productive days, and now Jrgen
and Ola can start tracking the guitars. We'll post a video from the drumsession
on youtube and facebook pretty soon. And press the "like"-button on our facebookpage
while you're at it. It will come alot of updates there as well. (Links below)


New album

After almost 2 years of making new songs and doing pre production in
our demostudio, we've finally started recording our next album. We began
a couple of days ago, and Thomas has recorded four songs on the drums. The
rough mix sounds awesome, and we can't hardly wait until the album is finished.


Lillasyster-tour in april!

We'll be joining Lillasyster(S) on a couple of their gigs in Norway.
Check out the shows-section if we'll be playing in a town near you!.


New song on the radio!
A demoversion of "Wake Me When It's Over", from our next album, was
played on todays SEXY on NRK P3. Go to NRK P3's webradio and listen
to it there.


Trondheim Calling
Happy new year folks! Out of 100 Trondheimbands, we have
been picked to represent the musicscene in Trondheim, with
20 other bands. The Trondheim Calling-compilation CD will be
in stores from January 26th. Our song "Lust Trigger"
(a demo-version from our new album) is featured on the CD.
You can buy the record all across Norway, or online.

The releaseparty will be at Verkstedhallen in Trondheim
January 23rd. And 19 of the bands featured on the CD will be
playing. Including us off course!

Check out
www.trondheimcalling.no for more info on the project.


We'll be playing with Volcom Entertainment's Valient Thorr (US)
december 12th at Blaest in Trondheim. Showing you a lot of new
songs, that will be featured on our next album.


Trondheim Metal Sampler vol.2

We're featured on the Trondheim Metal Sampler vol.2-cd.
The sampler contains 16 songs by 16 metalbands from Trondheim,
and will be released tomorrow. There will be a releaseparty
at Caf 3B in Trondheim, where two of the bands which
also are featured on the sampler, will play. (EmergentSea and
Hell Is Repetition). There's no covercharge, and the cd is free!!
For those who are not from or in Trondheim,
you can enter this competition, and win the cd.

Keep Of Kalessin, Manifest, Miksha, MLGF, Grown Into Nothing
The Hate Colony and Tripod are some of the other bands that are
featured on the cd!



We've uploaded a video on youtube from the studio. We're currently
doing some pre production for our next album, and everything's
going great! And we can't hardly wait for the album to be completed!
Enjoy the video...


New gig and new member!

We'll be playing at this years Storaasfestival.
"This Will Destroy You" have cancelled their gig, so we've
stepped in in their place. We'll be playing this friday at 17.00,
on Sagascenen. So show up and dance, cause you're in for a treat...

First of all you'll be presented with a lot of new songs, that will
be on our next album. And this will be the first gig for our new
guitarist, Ola Pettersen from the band RIFU!

We all welcome Ola as the new fifth member of Torch,
and hope you will too!

See you at Storaasfestivalen!!


We'll be playing during the Big Jump competition
on Nordic Challenge at Geilo.
More info on www.xelements.no


Two new gigs added.


Torch is featured in the latest issue of Playboard Magazine.
Check it out!


Show cancelled!
We're sorry to announce that the gig at this years
Trnsen Festival is cancelled. We promise to make
it up to you next year... -Torch


An interview with Torch and Iskra has been
posted on the metal-webzine headskull.com.
Check it out here!


New gigs!
4 new gigs has been added to the show-section.
Stay tuned for more showupdates...


An update...
We're currently in the pre-production part of our next album.
And we'll most likely hit the studio in december. And we'll of
course put up some sneak previews of some of the songs;)

Beside of making the new album, we are now booking some shows
here in Norway. So be sure to come and dance if we're playing
in your town... More booking-news will come later...



Some pictures from Pstereo are up in the gallery.
If there are any of you who took pictures at the show,
mail them to contact@torch-official.com and we'll put them up:)


Player down and Pstereo
The audio-section is down... go to myspace to listen to some tracks...

Remember to purchase tickets to the Pstereo-festival
22. and 23. of august. You can do that here.
This will be the only festival we'll be playing this year,
and it's gonna be awesome!!!:) And hopefully with some surprises;)

Check out pstereo.net for more info about the event and the other bands.


Merch and Cassette release!
You can now pre-order our merchandise.
Visit the store and check it out!

And some information about the release;
As some of you already have checked out, we've uploaded 4 new
songs on our myspace-site. These songs are the A-side of an audio
cassette, which we'll release. And for the B-side; you'll find 2
old songs, that are re-recorded, and 2 coversongs. (Check out the
tracklist in the store-section). So dig out your old walkman and listen
to our new shit the old school way;)

And as showned in the store-section; to buy the cassette you must
buy a t-shirt or a hoodie, and vice versa.

This pretty special release will
only be available here on our website.

And yeah, there are only 200 copies for sale!


Free downloads!
Download our entire discography
(Including some bonusstuff from 2003)
and videos at here.
And please remember to seed;)


New songs!
We've uploaded 4 new songs on our myspacepage.
Check 'em out and feel free to leave a comment
and tell us what you think.


Hi, everyone!
After a 6 months break from the road, we're finally back!
With a new release in our backpocket:)
And we'll be uploading new songs in a couple of days,
and the merchbooth will also be up for business pretty soon.

And just a reminder; 2 new gigs have been added to the shows-section.




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