Torch is:
Bass/Vocals: Tommy Kviseth
Drums/Vocals: Thomas Farstad
Vocals: Marius Forbord
Guitar/Vocals: Jørgen Sporsheim Berg
Guitar: Ola Pettersen

Torch was formed in Trondheim, Norway in 1999, and started out as
a nu-metal act. Influenced by bands like Korn and Snot, they slowly
rose to the surface of metal-Norway. Their first release was the EP
"Visions of..." in 2003, which was followed up by a Norwegian
tour (with Miksha and Turdus Musicus)and a UK tour.

In 2005 they signed with Norwegian label Kong Tiki Records(/Playground),
and then released their first album "Death to Perfection" in 2006.
It got great reviews all over the country, and as a result they played
the biggest festivals that year and was signed by the German-based
label ZYX/Golden Core later that year.
The label released "Death To Perfection" throughout Europe.

A few line-up changes has been done, and now in 2008, the band has
decided to continue with only four members. (the core of the band
that's kept it going since 2003). In the beginning of 2008 they
entered the studio again for the pre-production of their next
release. And in May they went in to record the album. This release
turned out to be something special, since it only is released on an
old fashion cassette. And you can only buy it on
It containes four new songs, two re-recorded songs and two
coversongs. Iron Maiden's "Prowler", and Tin Drum's "Drums of War"

In late 2009 the band started working on new songs for a new album.
And now, Torch is finally back with a new album, five years after their
debut "Death to Perfection". First with the release of the single "Wake
Me When It's Over" and in August the full-lenght "Pt. IV: A New
Beginning". Since the debut the band has evolved from crossover
between numetal and screamo towards a more metal, much heavier
sound. All this, while keeping their signature melodylines and
soft intermissions.

The album is mainly recorded by the band itself in their own studio in
Trondheim, Norway and mixed by praised metal-producer Steve Evetts
(The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sepultura, Everytime I Die). And it's
mastered by Alan Douches (Mastodon, Converge). The result is
explosive and clean, with depth and power in the soundscape
like few others!

The album was released august 26th in Norway, and it got great reviews
where the dice rolled "5" in, so far, 8 newspapers and magazines.
It also made no.10 on the norwegian charts in the second week.

"Surprising twists, good craftsmanship and a developed sense of melody
gives "Pt.IV: A New Beginning" the diversity it needs, and convinces me
that this is a record with a long life."

"It's all wrapped up in what is perhaps the most delectable production
in a Norwegian metal release ever; Steve Evetts and Alan Douches has done
an impeccable job."

"The guitar riffs and drums are a delight for the ear, and it is a thoroughly
nice balance throughout the album. Phase Reverse, Drowned, Creamed Cheese &
Ritalins and the last song Hathem is really enjoyable to listen to, and the beautiful
and melodic rock ballad Dreams And Escape Pods is a little masterpiece in itself."